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SAP Tutorials for SAP Consultants and Freshers. Techlorean aims to educate readers on SAP, Career Journey, Technology, Life in Tech, and more. It aims to help fellow SAP / IT Consultants and even those who are interested to pursue this career path. Together, let us create a community that thrives on continuous learning.

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Get To Know Me.

Tech Blogger. SAP Enthusiast. Continuous Learner. 💻🐳

Fueled by coffee and fun. ☕✨ I write to educate. When I’m not doing consultant work, learning, or blog writing, you might find me in cyberspace playing online video games. 👾

On a professional note:

I am an experienced SAP Functional Consultant with background in support, management, and project implementation / delivery. I dabble in other technologies (non-SAP) as part of system integration work so you might find some posts relating those technologies to SAP.

Looking Ahead

Growth and Impact to SAP Consultants
I look forward to the growth of this website and its positive impact to fellow SAP Consultants.

Back when I was an SAP Fresher, I remember being clueless about SAP and having such a hard time learning it. I hope to ease this difficulty for others in the same scenario through my educational and reflective blog posts.

Educational Digital Resources
In the future, I hope to improve the site by providing digital tools and other educational materials. This will take some time and effort but if you would like to contribute, send a tip, or even provide feedback, it would be much appreciated. Feel free to hit the buttons below. 🐳⭐

Core Module

  • SAP Finance Related
  • Financial Accounting and Controlling
  • S/4HANA Finance

Techlorean is not an affiliate of SAP A.G

Why? A Bit of Sharing

I usually find myself jotting down notes, thoughts, and even questions I have on technology related topics (most often in SAP). Eventually, I thought “why not share these to other people?”. I think that this is a great platform to start sharing what I have learned so far and I do hope that you will be able to benefit from them.

You can send me an email at techlorean@gmail.com or contact me through the form below. I definitely welcome other perspectives, questions, and additional learnings. Who knows… I might even learn from you too! 🙂

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