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SAP Central Finance Overview – Simplified

In this post, we will talk about SAP Central Finance (CFIN). This can be a supplementary “simplified” learning material that should help give you a high-level overview of Central Finance in SAP S/4HANA (SAP S/4HANA 2020).

SAP Interfaces | Exploring The SAP API Business Hub

Let us explore the SAP API Business Hub and learn about some of its features. This is going to be a quick introduction for those who are interested in SAP Integrations (specifically those that involve APIs). Some are not yet aware of this SAP API Hub so I decided to write briefly on this topic.…


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Recent Posts on Career and Life in IT

10 Must-Know Tips in Writing SAP Functional Specification Documents

Think of yourself as an SAP Fresher being given a blank functional specification template. Sure, you may find a few keywords and/or sentences in the template. That should be enough right? My response to that is “no, it is not enough”. In this post, we will cover the 10 must-know tips in writing your SAP…

Women In Tech: Why Bother? #IWD2020

The reality is that there are still struggles as a female working in tech. I mean this statement still creates controversy and it is mentioned up until this day. I invite you to fight for what matters — by being YOU.


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