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SAP Courses for SAP Consultants and Freshers.

After half a year of developing materials, extensive research on learning strategies, and hundreds of hours devoted to finding the ideal course platform for learners, I am excited to share that I will finally launch courses soon.

First on the list will be “Digital Kit & Course: Creating Functional Specifications for SAP Consultants”. Read more below.

Courses are accessible at Techlorean’s SAP School. See you soon!

SAP Courses by Techlorean
Techlorean’s SAP School. SAP Courses for SAP Consultants and Freshers.

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Let’s start learning together.

Digital Kit & Course: Creating Functional Specifications for SAP Consultants


A Digital Kit & Course rolled into one focusing on How to Create Functional Specifications for SAP Consultants.

The Digital Kit includes 3 Downloadable Materials:

✅ A Comprehensive Functional Specification Template

✅ Populated Functional Specification document (following the template)

✅ Functional Specification Checklist (.xlsx and google forms version)

The course is intended to provide guidance as well as use case scenarios on how to create functional specifications and utilize the materials. This course will be accessible at Techlorean’s SAP School. See you soon!

These personal documents have been crafted following the different projects / changes / roles I have experienced over the years. As such, the documents consider the following aspects:

  • SAP to SAP and/or SAP to Non-SAP changes vice versa.
  • Integration / hybrid changes where SAP and Non-SAP systems are involved as part of scope. i.e. local applications, 3rd party software, etc.
  • Fully customized / start from scratch requirements.
  • In-house consultant and consultant for an IT consulting company.

Note: For pure agile projects (Non-SAP or Hybrid), you can still use the checklist for guidance on what to consider but you will create user stories in place of the FS document.

Some Insights

Your time is precious. No month long courses. This is why you can expect a lot of short but detailed courses.

After all, it’s not about the length of the course… It’s about how much you learn.

Being a consultant isn’t just about knowing the configuration. The ideal SAP Consultant needs to understand the topic or subject matter.

This is why I include the why’s, the purpose, the process flow, and more.

I am steering away from purely technical tutorials because I end up understanding 0-20% of the topic.

This is why you can expect simpler explanations and even creative, realistic, non-technical associations.

My goal is to help you learn.

I am going for a relaxed yet informative course where we can develop your understanding of the topic.

This is why you can expect a casual tone in my videos where you can think of me as your peer rather than an instructor.

I design and craft my educational materials in a way that you can digest the information easily even on mobile.

As such, SAP screenshots are given focus and emphasized with visual cues. You should have seen a lot of those screenshots on this website.

Lastly, I was once clueless and had a hard time learning back when I was an SAP Fresher. I hope to ease this difficulty for others in the same scenario. Read more in the About section.

Learning Materials

Here are some learning material alternatives:

SAP Templates & Checklists by Techlorean

SAP eBooks by Techlorean

SAP Courses by Techlorean

Other Information

  • Techlorean does not provide SAP access and environments
  • Techlorean is not an affiliate of SAP SE