“Minimal + Straightforward Notion Dashboard Template”. Notion Template for the working student and/or content creator. 💻🎓📽✏ “Everything but simpler” in one page.

[Spotify Study Playlist]

Study Sprints: Techlorean’s Study Playlist. Multiple study sprint sessions for a productive day.

[Spotify Study Playlist]

Chill Instrumental: Techlorean’s Study Playlist. Selected instrumental music for a “clutter-free” study session.

[Spotify Travel Playlist]

Techlorean’s Travel Playlist. Planes, Adventures, Memories.


SAP Electronic Bank Statements Learning Kit. Be introduced and learn the basics. Includes a sample EBS test file for your reference and guide.

[Spotify WFH Playlist]

Work From Home: Techlorean’s #WFH Playlist. A progressive and diverse electronica collection for a productive work session.

[Spotify Study Playlist]

After Hours: Techlorean’s Study Playlist. Eclectic study playlist for the creative mind.