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Welcome to the content hub! ☕ Sometimes we just need to see a everything in “one page” and find the most suitable content (maybe even bookmark it).


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By Category

Pinterest Corner [Article Catalog] 📰📌

Pinterest Corner [SAP Screens] 📸📌

Pinterest Corner [eBooks] 📘📌

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SAP Career Articles / Career in IT

OpenText VIM for SAP




SAP Basic Accounting Series

SAP Cheat Sheet



SAP General / Interfaces

SAP Intelligent RPA

Pinterest Corner [YouTube Video Links]🎥📌

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Free SAP EBS Learning Kit! 📦

SAP EBS Learning Kit
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What does it contain?

  • PDF Compilation of EBS related Techlorean Blog Posts with embedded links and additional info.
    • Thorough details and screenshots on the Basic Process Flow.
    • Step by Step Guide for Troubleshooting, Interpretation, and Analysis.
    • Sample scenario on potential issues to look out for.
    • Summary of TCodes.
  • Sample dummy Electronic Bank Statement in the form of a CODA (.cod) file
    • Can be used for guide and testing purposes. 

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    Very useful in real time scenarios ….
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