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Learning materials and tools to help you in your career.


Expect a casual non-technical writing style to help you understand the subject matter rather than just knowing the configurations.

Digital Kit & Courses

Equip yourself with courses and downloadable digital materials for a better learning experience.

Templates & Checklists

Equip yourself with easy to use templates and checklists. Use them as basis, as-is, or freely add additional details according to your needs.

YouTube Videos

Video alternatives of Techlorean’s posts for added visualization. Includes “spoken” comments on top of the written posts for added emphasis.

eBooks by Techlorean

SAP Data Medium Exchange EBOOK

SAP Data Medium Exchange: A Guidebook for The SAP Consultant

Simple Explanation + Quick Understanding. Your on-the-go copy. 109 in-depth visual pages that comes with FREE Lifetime Updates!

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SAP Templates & Checklists by Techlorean


Comprehensive Functional Specification Guide

Download the 3 Comprehensive Functional Specification documents for your utilization.

Note: These are already part of the Digital Kit & Course: Creating Functional Specifications for SAP Consultants”. However, if you just want the documents without going through the course, click on the link below.

Use coupon code “HXHMMHXR5X” to get a 70% DISCOUNT!

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Digital Kit & Course by Techlorean

See more courses here.

Creating SAP Functional Specifications for SAP Consultants

A Digital Kit & Course rolled into one focusing on How to Create Functional Specifications for SAP Consultants. This detailed course consists of 10 Lessons and is Scenario-Based for easier understanding.

Includes 3 take home materials you can use throughout your career.

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YouTube Videos

Techlorean’s Channel

🎬 Visit Techlorean’s channel through the link below. Join the community and say hi!

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Other Information

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  • Techlorean is not an affiliate of SAP SE
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