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10 Must-Know Tips in Writing SAP Functional Specification Documents

Think of yourself as an SAP Fresher being given a blank functional specification template. Sure, you may find a few keywords and/or sentences in the template. That should be enough right? My response to that is “no, it is not enough”. In this post, we will cover the 10 must-know tips in writing your SAP Functional Specification documents. Extras included.

SAP Business Transaction Events – FIBF Overview and Utilization

Business Transaction Events are also known as BTEs and they are accessible through transaction code FIBF. This post will give you an overview on BTEs, their purpose, how and why to utilize them.

SAP DME Overall Configuration | Simple Explanation | Detailed Steps

This post focuses on the overall configuration of SAP DME. We will cover the different settings and additionally focus on where the linkage happens across these configurations. You can also expect some insights to Note to Payee functionality and other settings as well.

SAP Question Bucket 1 | SAP Data Medium Exchange, XML DME Tree, Payment Medium Output

In this post, you will find some questions related to SAP Data Medium Exchange, XML DME Tree, and Payment Medium Output. We will go through each question and discuss the corresponding answers. Relevant SAP Notes will be provided as well.

SAP Exchange Rate and Foreign Currency Valuation | Detailed Process and Configuration

In this post, we will discuss the SAP Exchange Rate and Foreign Currency Valuation functionalities. We will cover the detailed processes, purpose, computations, configuration, transaction codes, tables, and more. We will focus on simple scenarios but the overall concept of this post should give you a good understanding of the behavior.

SAP Lockbox | Process, Configuration, and H2H Connectivity Overview

You can associate the Lockbox functionality in SAP to a mailbox dedicated for check payments. This post will cover the Lockbox process, its use, relation to SAP, configuration, transaction codes, as well as the H2H Connectivity overview.

SAP Accounting Tutorial for Beginners – Introduction

SAP Accounting Tutorial for Beginners - Introduction When it comes to understanding how Financial Accounting works in SAP, it helps to take a step back from the ERP software and digest (at least) the basic accounting concepts first. The basic concepts should help you link basic accounting to financial accounting in SAP. This in turn [...]

OpenText VIM Invoices in SAP are Stuck in Scanned Status

There are cases where the VIM Invoice statuses are NOT updating in SAP. In this scenario, the status is stuck in “Scanned” status as viewed in /OPT/VIM_7AX8. You can refer to the screenshot of transaction code /n/OPT/VIM_7AX8 IDH Admin Tool in SAP where the status is set to 01 or Scanned. Here, we are expecting [...]

SAP DME Tree Configuration – DMEE Focused (Simple Explanation)

SAP DME Tree Configuration – DMEE Focused (Simple Explanation) In this post, we will focus on transaction code DMEE to understand how to configure the DME tree and align it with the intended requirements. We will discuss a scenario where a sample DME tree will be created and towards the end of the post, you [...]

SAP DME Note to Payee Functionality

SAP Note to Payee Functionality DME or Data Medium Exchange goes hand in hand with SAP Payments. It is triggered through payment run where you can expect a payment medium output. For example, by form of an XML file etc. If you are interested, you can refer to the SAP DME End to End Process [...]

Top 12 Common F110 Payment Run Errors and How to Solve in SAP

Top 12 Common F110 Payment Proposal Errors and How to Solve in SAP SAP Payment Proposal or Payment Run errors can be treated as an urgent concern especially if the transaction is in production. We are also considering that there is most likely a payment deadline that the client needs to meet. In this tutorial, [...]