10 Must-Know Tips in Writing SAP Functional Specification Documents

Think of yourself as an SAP Fresher being given a blank functional specification template. Sure, you may find a few keywords and/or sentences in the template. That should be enough right? My response to that is “no, it is not enough”. In this post, we will cover the 10 must-know tips in writing your SAP Functional Specification documents. Extras included.

10 BIG Tips for SAP FICO Consultants – Career Journey (First Few Months)

SAP FICO Consultant Career Journey - Tips for the first few months It is only natural to feel nervous as you transition yourself into a new role. When I started my career as a Functional Consultant, I remember associating it to the word “unknown”. That was my first job (by this statement you could tell [...]

Women In Tech: Why Bother? #IWD2020

If that statement triggered you, that is precisely the point as to why you SHOULD bother. Taking a trip down memory lane... I was a freshman in college taking up my very first major programming class. Lo and behold I failed. I mean believe me when I say "I. TRIED. SO. HARD." 😂 You could [...]

SAP Career Journey – SAP Consultant | How To Start and What To Consider

Getting Started The journey to being a SAP Consultant is not a one way street. In fact, it usually differs for most of us. In this post, I will be as straightforward and realistic as possible. I will start off by mentioning some key points you may want to know: Expect to Send Multiple Job [...]