OpenText VIM for SAP Basic Process and TCodes

OpenText VIM or Vendor Invoice Management is associated with the accounts payable process. In this post, we will cover the basic end to end process of VIM for SAP and each of the transaction codes.

Top 12 Common F110 Payment Run Errors and How to Solve in SAP

Top 12 Common F110 Payment Proposal Errors and How to Solve in SAP SAP Payment Proposal or Payment Run errors can be treated as an urgent concern especially if the transaction is in production. We are also considering that there is most likely a payment deadline that the client needs to meet. In this tutorial, [...]

SAP Data Medium Exchange (DME) – How to Modify DME Tree | How to Generate DME File

This post will provide a step by step scenario of making a minor change in the SAP DME Tree and the testing that follows thereafter. In this scenario, I will update and existing DME Tree. Only 1 attribute will be changed to reflect a Mapping Procedure of Structure instead of Exit Module. If you want [...]

Re-trigger Workflow in OpenText VIM

There might be cases that will prompt you to retrigger or reset a workflow approval in OpenText VIM. This is most likely done in test environments to cover some test cases but it can be utilized in production as long as it is done with caution and the issue requires the reset workflow approach. Note [...]

SAP CHEAT SHEET: Basic Accounts Payable / Procure to Pay Process

The SAP Accounts Payable (AP) or Procure to Pay (PTP) Process involves purchasing of goods / materials or services from a vendor for the company. Keywords: Accounts Payable (AP)Procure to Pay (PTP)Purchasing of Materials / ServicesVendor SAP Flow and Transaction Codes 1Request for Quotation (RFQ)ME412QuotationME473*Open Contract / Outline Agreement (OA)ME31K4*Scheduling AgreementME31L5Purchase Requisition (PR)ME51N6Purchase Order (PO)ME21N7*Goods [...]