SAP Lockbox | Process, Configuration, and H2H Connectivity Overview

You can associate the Lockbox functionality in SAP to a mailbox dedicated for check payments. This post will cover the Lockbox process, its use, relation to SAP, configuration, transaction codes, as well as the H2H Connectivity overview.

SAP Electronic Bank Statement: Basic Process and Overview

Electronic Bank Statement Think of Electronic Bank Statements (EBS) as documents that are sent by the bank from one system to another. These documents contain the bank transaction details of the indicated account holder. How does it relate to SAP? In a corporate and accounting perspective, companies need to record and keep track of all [...]

SAP Electronic Bank Statements (Interpretation Algorithm)

Interpretation Algorithm can be found in OT83 or in the “Assign External Transaction Types to Posting Rules” configuration. Interpretation Algorithm is assigned to an External Transaction under a specific Trans. Type. What is the Use or Importance of Interpretation Algorithms in SAP? Interpretation Algorithm = Clearing Logic You can think of Interpretation Algorithm as a [...]