SAP CHEAT SHEET: General Transaction Codes

Task / ActivityTransaction Code / Command / Use
Create1 (Example FB01)
Change2 (Example FB02)
Display3 (Example FB03)
View SAP Program (Source Code, Variants, Attributes, Documentation, Text Elements)SE38
Class Builder (Create, Modify, View Class)SE24
View Function ModuleSE37
Object Navigator (Web Dynpro, MIME Repository, Connectivity Browser etc.)SE80
Message MaintenanceSE91
SOA Management (Web Service Configuration etc.)SOAMANAGER
ABAP Splitscreen Editor (Code Comparison)SE39
ABAP DictionarySE11
Define Background JobSM36
View SAP JobsSM37
Transport ProperSTMS
Copy Data from TransportsSCC1/SCC1N
Transport Organizer (Creation/Edit/Check)SE10
Transport Organizer (Extended View)SE01
SAP Lock Entries (Lock Mechanism)SM12
Batch Input Session OverviewSM35
qRFC Monitor – Outbound QueueSMQ1
qRFC Monitor – Inbound QueueSMQ2
SAP Note Implementation Check (SAP Note Browser or Ctrl+F9)SNOTE
Monitor Processed XML MessagesSXMB_MONI
Table Entry Maintenance / Maintain Table ViewsSM30
SAP Configuration (SAP Reference IMG)SPRO
Analyze ABAP Dumps /
Runtime Errors
SAP Workload Monitor / AnalysisST03
SAP Operating System MonitorST06
IDOC Search for Business ContentWE09
Test Tool for IDOC ProcessingWE19
SAP Business WorkplaceSBWP
Business Communication Services Administration (SMTP/HTTP Connection/Email Inbound Outbound)SCOT
SAPConnect: Inbound Send RequestsSOIN
SAPConnect: Send Requests (Outbound)SOST
Exit Rules for Inbound Processing (Maintenance Mode)SO50
SAP DirectoriesAL11
Switch On Debugging Mode/h
Wildcard Search (Used for search purposes. Similar to % in mySQL)*
*J means search for entries with J as the last letter.
*JOHN* means search for entries with JOHN in the middle (result could be ANTHONY JOHN MIKEL). J* means search for entries with J as the first letter.
Copy single cell value and/or drag copyCtrl+T+Y
View SAP “Clients” (Cross-client object changes, Client specific objects changes/transports, CAT/eCATT Restrictions)SCC4 (zero to minimal use at your own discretion)
Open in New SAP GUI Window/o + TCODE
Example: /ofb03
Open in SAME SAP GUI Window/n + TCODE
Example: /nfbl3n
End ALL SAP Sessions/NEX
Display Authorization Data (Check for auth issues)SU53
User Maintenance View / SearchSU01D / SU01
Transaction Recorder / BDC RecordingSHDB
Legacy System Migration WorkbenchLSMW
Mass Maintenance of Object TypesMASS
View Current SAP System / Product VersionSystem > Status… > Double Click Product Version

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