Permanent Deletion of CO Documents Through ZKACOR21

Overview and Notes

There may be special cases wherein specific CO documents need to be deleted from actual postings in SAP cost accounting due to an erroneous posting through KB61. It always good to confirm if it is a scenario or issue that cannot be resolved by reversal transaction KB64.

An example would be a mistaken internal cost transfer from WBS to an IO. This type of transfer may render a defective CO line item for some business processes such as billing request transactions. If an error occurs for during the billing request even after the reversal of the CO posting, you may utilize Program ZKACOR21.

What does ZKACOR21 do?

This program deletes CO line items from CO-internal actual postings and corrects the corresponding totals records. This should be done with caution so be sure to do thorough replication of the scenario and perform detailed testing.

Implementation of this program can be found in SAP Note 175522.

Important: If you use the SAP Simple Finance add-on for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, sFIN 1503, and the following subsequent posting of CO documents from external accounting is no longer possible, contact SAP before you delete documents and try to post them subsequently.

Other Considerations

Deleting and subsequently posting CO documents may be problematic if one of the following actions already exists for the document:

  • Line item settlement to internal orders or projects
  • Line items planned or invoiced for expense-related invoices
  • Assessments for the period
  • Line items were transfer posted
  • Document was reversed

Remember to delete the associated reversal document or reversed document (vice versa) and subsequently post it if necessary. This will avoid data inconsistency thereafter.


For high level checking purposes, you can do a quick check on the following: (before and after the program run):

  1. Table COBK
  2. WBS Report S_ALR_87013558
  3. IO ReportS_ALR_87013019
  4. Profit Center Actual Line Items KE5Z
  5. Other standard or custom reports and transactions that may be impacted.

Execution Proper

To run program ZKACOR21, enter the Controlling Area and CO Document Number/s.

Do not tick the Call FI/CO Interface checkbox if the corresponding FI document should not be affected or if there should be no changes to receiver applications such as reconciliation ledgers, special ledgers, etc. Errors may also occur if there the master data is inconsistent.

In this case, the Call FI/CO interface checkbox can be unticked. After the program run and necessary post-checks, it is advisable to clean up the data in the receiver applications using applicable special correction programs or by deleting and posting subsequently.

You can try first with the test run checkbox ticked and remove once ready for the actual run.

Additional Information

ZKACOR21 is not to be confused with program RKACOR20. They are not the same. As mentioned in the SAP Note, the program is an enhancement for the report RKACOR20 (see SAP Note 45122).


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