SAP Question Bucket 1 | SAP Data Medium Exchange, XML DME Tree, Payment Medium Output

In this post, you will find some questions related to SAP Data Medium Exchange, XML DME Tree, and Payment Medium Output. We will go through each question and discuss the corresponding answers. Relevant SAP Notes will be provided as well.

SAP DME Tree Configuration – DMEE Focused (Simple Explanation)

SAP DME Tree Configuration – DMEE Focused (Simple Explanation) In this post, we will focus on transaction code DMEE to understand how to configure the DME tree and align it with the intended requirements. We will discuss a scenario where a sample DME tree will be created and towards the end of the post, you [...]

SAP DME Note to Payee Functionality

SAP Note to Payee Functionality DME or Data Medium Exchange goes hand in hand with SAP Payments. It is triggered through payment run where you can expect a payment medium output. For example, by form of an XML file etc. If you are interested, you can refer to the SAP DME End to End Process [...]

SAP Data Medium Exchange (DME) – How to Modify DME Tree | How to Generate DME File

This post will provide a step by step scenario of making a minor change in the SAP DME Tree and the testing that follows thereafter. In this scenario, I will update and existing DME Tree. Only 1 attribute will be changed to reflect a Mapping Procedure of Structure instead of Exit Module. If you want [...]