OpenText VIM for SAP Solutions: TCodes and Tables for Troubleshooting

Here are some of the usual transaction codes and tables used for troubleshooting OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) related issues:

Transaction Codes

/OPT/VIM_WPVIM Workplace
/OPT/SPROOpenText Customization
/OPT/VIMDisplay VIM Menu
/OPT/VIM_7AX8Admin Tool
SBWPSAP Workflow Inbox
/OPT/VIM_7AX1Test Non-OCR Scenario
/OPT/VIM_7AX2Test OCR Scenario
/OPT/REMINDERReminder (Triggers email notification if there is an invoice that has not been touched)
/OPT/VIM_8CX50Notification Configuration
/OPT/CP_9CX4Simple Mode Role Maintenance (Creation of new Role)
/OPT/CP_9CX5Role Maintenance (Assign Role)
/PTGWFI/ORGOrg Maintenance Utility (If everyone resigns, system should go to the fail safe)
/OPT/CP_9CX10Fail Safe Role Maintenance
/OPT/BL_APR_CONFCode/Approver Operations Configuration
/OPT/VIM_7CX1Simple Manager Approval – Chart of Authority
/OPT/VIM_COAUPLOADLevel Based Approval Flow – COA Upload/Download Report
/OPT/AR_COALevel Based Approval – COA (7.0 above)
/ORS/UMREASSIGNEDReassignment Utility
/ORS/MAIN_SUBSUser Substitutes Management Utility


/OPT/VIM_1HEADDocument Header (You can also search for Idoc in this table via EDI_DOCNUM)
/OPT/VIM_2HEADAdditional Fields for Table (/OPT/VIM_1HEAD)
/OPT/VIM_1ITEMDocument Item
/OPT/CPMC_RG01_VVIM Workplace inbox items (Check if the item is really in the users inbox)
/OPT/VIM_1LOGView document log
/ORS/APPR_LOGView approval history (user ID in UserMappingObject ACTUAL_APPR. SENT_APPR is for delegation scenarios)
/PTGWFI/Z_CONSTMaintenance of WebFlow Constants

For a high level overview of OpenText VIM functionalities and resources, you may go to this link. Click on “Resources” to download product overviews.

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