OpenText VIM Transaction Codes and Tables

OpenText VIM for SAP Solutions: TCodes and Tables for Troubleshooting

Quickly get an overview of the transaction codes and tables used to troubleshoot OpenText VIM for SAP.

Here are some of the usual transaction codes and tables used for troubleshooting OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) related issues:

Transaction Codes

/OPT/VIM_WPVIM Workplace
/OPT/SPROOpenText Customization
/OPT/VIMDisplay VIM Menu
/OPT/VIM_7AX8Admin Tool
SBWPSAP Workflow Inbox
/OPT/VIM_7AX1Test Non-OCR Scenario
/OPT/VIM_7AX2Test OCR Scenario
/OPT/REMINDERReminder (Triggers email notification if there is an invoice that has not been touched)
/OPT/VIM_8CX50Notification Configuration
/OPT/CP_9CX4Simple Mode Role Maintenance (Creation of new Role)
/OPT/CP_9CX5Role Maintenance (Assign Role)
/PTGWFI/ORGOrg Maintenance Utility (If everyone resigns, system should go to the fail safe)
/OPT/CP_9CX10Fail Safe Role Maintenance
/OPT/BL_APR_CONFCode/Approver Operations Configuration
/OPT/VIM_7CX1Simple Manager Approval – Chart of Authority
/OPT/VIM_COAUPLOADLevel Based Approval Flow – COA Upload/Download Report
/OPT/AR_COALevel Based Approval – COA (7.0 above)
/ORS/UMREASSIGNEDReassignment Utility
/ORS/MAIN_SUBSUser Substitutes Management Utility


/OPT/VIM_1HEADDocument Header (You can also search for Idoc in this table via EDI_DOCNUM)
/OPT/VIM_2HEADAdditional Fields for Table (/OPT/VIM_1HEAD)
/OPT/VIM_1ITEMDocument Item
/OPT/CPMC_RG01_VVIM Workplace inbox items (Check if the item is really in the users inbox)
/OPT/VIM_1LOGView document log
/ORS/APPR_LOGView approval history (user ID in UserMappingObject ACTUAL_APPR. SENT_APPR is for delegation scenarios)
/PTGWFI/Z_CONSTMaintenance of WebFlow Constants

For a high level overview of OpenText VIM functionalities and resources, you may go to this link. Click on “Resources” to download product overviews.


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