How To Change Company Code Name in SAP | Checklist, Impact, Testing

Changing a company code name or any related details can be quite challenging. This happens (for example) when a certain business is acquired or if certain legal decisions arise that require a change in company name. In these cases, an existing company code may already be active and currently utilized which prompts a change in company name instead of creating a new one.

In this post, we will go over the different things you need to consider in SAP to change a company code name. Again, this applies for all related details in the company code (for example: change in company code address).


  • Impact of Changing Company Code Name in SAP
  • Obtain Clear User / Key Stakeholder Confirmation
  • Change Company Code Name in SAP Checklist
  • Testing and Documentation Reminders
  • Summary

Impact of Changing Company Code Name in SAP

A Company Code name change is not a simple change from “Company A” to “Company B” in SAP. As early as now, you need to understand the impacts of executing this kind of change. It is best to review the Company Code settings and the different areas it hits.

Below are some examples of how this change can affect different areas:

Impact of changing company code name address in SAP
Impact of Changing Company Code Name / Address in SAP

Form Outputs

The up to date company code name change should reflect accurately on ALL related forms. Examples of form outputs can be on company issued invoices, sales orders, consignment orders, bank transactions, customer related documents, etc.

Customization’s / Non-Standard Functionalities

There can be multiple enhancements or SAP customizations that deviate from SAP standard functionalities. If that is the case, then you need to consider these non-standard functionalities and check if it will impact the company code name changes.

Cross Functional

While SAP is able to integrate between one module to another, this means that this type of change does not solely affect one team or module. You need to consider the impact of the changes to other modules / teams and the corresponding transactions.

Legal Disclaimers

If there are screens existing in the current setup that have the company code name stated, this need to be updated. Some screens may involve acknowledgement to electronic submissions and the corresponding disclosures.

Third-Party Software

In the context of SAP and its involvement in the overall enterprise architecture or IT architecture, a change in company code name might have an impact on other software’s. Your scope may be limited to SAP related items only but it is good practice to check on some SAP integrations to other software’s.

It is possible that SAP might be sending related data to other software’s and it might even receive related data from other software’s. Yes, this may depend on how the system’s have been built and integrated to SAP but it is worth a check to see if potential company code name instances are affected.

In summary, you want to make sure that all instances of the company code name will be updated to the right one.

Obtain Clear User / Key Stakeholder Confirmation

This is a key prerequisite before making any changes. You need to ensure that the changes the key stakeholders need are clear and properly documented. Do NOT proceed with the changes WITHOUT a clear confirmation from the user.

We are putting emphasis on the word clear because the company code name is not a simple change from “Company A” to “Company B” in SAP. As stated earlier, this type of change impacts several transactions in the business. If this type of change goes live (or is moved to production) and there are inconsistencies with any of the forms or company code names, you might end up with serious business concerns.

I mentioned the word “serious” because it may involve some forms being sent out to customers or banks which would affect urgent transactions / create confusion.

Change Company Code Name in SAP Checklist

Below is a checklist you can refer to as guide for the changing of company code name or address in SAP.

Note that the list may differ based on the setup of the company code, SAP, and overall IT architecture but this can serve as guidance or starting point. For example, not all SAP systems may have implemented or have an active lock box functionality. You may even need to test on HR or employee related forms where the company code name is reflected. Feel free to add some items that cover specific enhancements, non-standard sap functionalities, etc.

SAP Company Code Name Address Change Checklist
SAP Company Code Name / Address Change Checklist

Here is a table version of the check list:

OX15T880Internal Trading Partners Maintenance
OX02T001Company Code Name and Address *Consider the Company Code Short Version Name. Double check print preview.
XD02KNA1Customer Master Data (if applicable). Double check print preview.
XK02LFA1Vendor Master Data (if applicable). Double check print preview.
MEANADRCAddress Maintenance – Delivery Addresses
OB10T049L & T012KLockbox Maintenance. Assigned addresses for a certain Lockbox can be further checked in Table T049L cross reference through Table T012K (House Banks)
OX10T001WPlants linked to Company Code XXXX need to be verified if they should be synchronized as well. This can be found in T001W by searching for Sales Org XXXX where XXXX is the company code. Changes to Plant Name can be done in OX10. This type of assignment can be found in TCode OX18 as well.
OBZ4T042ECompany Code-Specific Specifications for Payment Methods. Check on the maintained form data. Also found in TCode FBZP > Payment Methods in Company Code > Forms
FBZPT042FBZP > All Company Codes. This is an additional check just in case.
FBZPT042BFBZP > Paying Company Codes > Forms
FBZPT042ZAFBZP > Payment Methods in Country > Note To Payee by Origin. This is an additional check just in case.
DMEEDMEE_TREEDME Engine. Check the actual nodes and configuration in DMEE instead of the table.
OVX5TVKOSales Organizations
OX09T001L & TWLADStorage Locations
OVXCT001W & TVSTTShipping Points
SAP Company Code Name / Address Change Checklist

Testing and Documentation Reminders

Given the impacts of a company code name / address change in SAP, it is important to thoroughly perform testing. Below are some key points to consider:

SAP Change Company Code Name Address Testing and Documentation
Testing and Documentation Reminders

End to End Testing of Business Transactions

Testing of end to end business transactions or normal operations in SAP is crucial. This is where we can verify and further check if anything has been missed out. It can be quite overwhelming to test multiple scenarios in SAP, but it is a key element to ensure that you have covered all areas. Ideally, the key business users should be able to test on these as well (as it is expected that they know these transactions by heart).

For example, the testing can cover processes such as OTC (order to cash), PTP (procure to pay), payments, and more.

On the IT perspective, it is always good to test before and after the company name / address changes. This is so you have something to refer to when needed. This is also good practice to pinpoint certain changes / comparisons (or even unwanted changes) during the testing.

Emphasis and Importance on Form Outputs and Transactions involving external use

You can highlight the importance of any sort of form related testing in SAP. This involves the creation of SAP forms and any SAP generated document that can be used externally. For example, sending of invoices to customers or bank related forms.

We want to highlight and take extra importance on these test scenarios to avoid potential confusion, errors, urgent concerns etc. upon deployment of changes to production. At the end of the day, we need to maintain a level of accuracy when providing documents to our customers.

Proper and Clear Documentation – Especially on custom / enhancements

I would like to take the time to stress the importance of documenting this change process and continuing to update the document as needed. There are cases where the company code name will be needed urgently (for example, this change should be in effect starting MMDDYYYY). As such, trying to analyze the system from scratch to ensure you cover all points can take a lot of time.

It is always best practice to create a clear and (properly updated) document with screenshots and emphasis on custom features, integrations, enhancements, and/or or non-standard SAP functionalities. With this practice, you should be able to save a lot of time in case the same scenario happens in the future.  

This is especially useful for entities that change management frequently or experience frequent merger / acquisition events.  

Integration testing

As mentioned earlier, integration testing is still involved if data is being sent to and from SAP. If it so happens that the company name or address is part of this data transfer or flow, it would be best to check on these existing integrations.

At this point, cooperation and coordination between the concerned teams will be necessary.


Impact of Changing Company Code Name in SAP

  • Form Outputs
  • Customization’s / Non-Standard Functionalities
  • Cross Functional
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Third-Party Software
  • Others

Obtain Clear User / Key Stakeholder Confirmation

  • Clear confirmation
  • Proper Documentation
  • Prevent business disruption, confusion, potential issues

Change Company Code Name in SAP Checklist

  • OX15
  • OX02
  • XD02
  • XK02
  • MEAN
  • OB10
  • OX10
  • OBZ4
  • FBZP
  • DMEE
  • OVX5
  • OX09
  • OVXC

Testing and Documentation Reminders

  • End to End Testing of Business Transactions
  • Emphasis and Importance on Form Outputs and Transactions involving external use
  • Proper and Clear Documentation – especially on custom / enhancements
  • Integration testing

I hope this helps. Good luck! 😊

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