SAP CHEAT SHEET: SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Transaction Codes

Here are some of the most used SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Transaction Codes per sub module. This post will be continuously updated.

Note: Usual Transaction Codes ending in “1” means Create, “2” means Modify, “3” means View. A separate post will be created for S_ALR* Reports, R Reports, and other O Transaction Codes.

TagSub Module
FI-GLGeneral Ledger
FI-APAccounts Payable
FI-ARAccounts Receivable
FI-AAAsset Accounting
FI-BLBank Accounting

General Ledger (FI-GL)  

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFB01Create Accounting Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBN1Accounting Document Number Range
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFSS0Manage GL Master Records (Company Code)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFS00Manage GL Master Records (Centrally)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFSP0Manage GL Master Records (Chart of Accounts)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFS01Create GL Account
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFSP0Edit GL Account Chart of Accounts Data
FI-GLGeneral LedgerF-02Enter GL Account Posting
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFB50Enter GL Account Posting (Enjoy Transaction)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBR2Post Document with Reference
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFB00Accounting Editing Options
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBU3Display Intercompany Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBV3Display Parked Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBS1Enter Accrual / Deferral Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerF.81Reverse Accrual / Deferral Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBL3NGL Account Line Item Display Screen
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFAGLL03New GL Account Line Item Display Screen
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFS10NGL Account Balance
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFAGLB03GL Account Balance Display (Ledger)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFAGLF101Balance Sheet Supplement-OI-Analysis
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFS04Central GL Account Changes
FI-GLGeneral LedgerOB52Open / Close Posting Period
FI-GLGeneral LedgerOB58Financial Statement Version
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFB08Reverse Accounting Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBRAReverse Accounting Document Item Clearing
FI-GLGeneral LedgerF.01View Financial Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss
FI-GLGeneral LedgerF.16Balance Carry Forward

Accounts Receivable (FI-AR)

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableBPMaintain Business Partner
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableXD03Display Customer (Centrally)
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableFD03Display Customer
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableFBL5NCustomer Line Items
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableF-21AR Transfer Without Clearing
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableF150Create Dunning Notices
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableF-22Create Customer Invoice
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableF-28Post Incoming Payment
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableFB70Post Customer Invoice (Enjoy Transaction)
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableFBMPMaintain Dunning Procedure

Accounts Payable (FI-AP)

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-APAccounts PayableBPMaintain Business Partner
FI-APAccounts PayableXK03Display Vendor (Centrally)
FI-APAccounts PayableFK03Display Vendor
FI-APAccounts PayableF.18Vendor Balance Confirmation
FI-APAccounts PayableFB60Enter Vendor Invoice
FI-APAccounts PayableFBL1NVendor Line Items
FI-APAccounts PayableF-53Post Outgoing Payment

Asset Accounting (FI-AA)

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-AAAsset AccountingAW01NAsset Explorer
FI-AAAsset AccountingAS01Create Asset
FI-AAAsset AccountingAS08Range Maintenance Asset Number
FI-AAAsset AccountingA090Assignment of GL Accounts for Asset Accounting
FI-AAAsset AccountingAS11Create Subnumber
FI-AAAsset AccountingAR31Edit Worklist
FI-AAAsset AccountingABZOLAcquisition w automatic offsetting entry
FI-AAAsset AccountingABAVNAsset Retirement by Scrapping
FI-AAAsset AccountingAIABSettlement AuC
FI-AAAsset AccountingABAALUnplanned Depreciation
FI-AAAsset AccountingAFAMADetail list of calculation methods assigned to dep key
FI-AAAsset AccountingABUMNTransfer of Asset
FI-AAAsset AccountingABT1NIntercompany Asset Transger
FI-AAAsset AccountingAFABManage Depreciation Run / Post Depreciation
FI-AAAsset AccountingAJABAsset Fiscal Year Change
FI-AAAsset AccountingABIFManually post the claiming of investment support measures for each individual asset
FI-AAAsset AccountingAR01Asset Balances
FI-AAAsset AccountingAS91Enter asset data manually legacy data transfer
FI-AAAsset AccountingABLDTTakeover values posting transaction
FI-AAAsset AccountingF-92Asset Retirement from Sale w/ Customer
FI-AAAsset AccountingF-90Acquisition without purchase order

Bank Accounting (FI-BL)

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-BLBank AccountingFBZPCustomizing: Maintain Payment Program
FI-BLBank AccountingF110Automatic Payment Program / Transaction
FI-BLBank AccountingF111Automatic Payment Program / Transaction for Payment Requests
FI-BLBank AccountingFI03Display Bank
FI-BLBank AccountingFCHICreate Check Lot
FI-BLBank AccountingFCH5Create Check Information / Manual Check Info
FI-BLBank AccountingFCHNCheck Register
FI-BLBank AccountingFCH3Void Checks Not Used
FI-BLBank AccountingFCH8Cancel Check Payment
FI-BLBank AccountingFF68Manual Check Deposit
FI-BLBank AccountingFF.5Import Electronic Bank Statement
FI-BLBank AccountingFEBANEdit Bank Statemement / Post Processing EBS
FI-BLBank AccountingFI12Create House Bank
FI-BLBank AccountingFBCJPost Cash Journal

I hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂

3 thoughts on “SAP CHEAT SHEET: SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Transaction Codes

  1. Bonjour
    Je souhaiterai connaître le nom de la transaction FI-AP qui permet
    – de recopier une écriture manuelle d’après une pièce déjà enregistrée,
    – de créer des modèles d’écritures

    Merci 😉


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