SAP Cheat Sheet SAP FI Financial Accounting SAP General Transaction Codes and Tables

SAP CHEAT SHEET: SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Transaction Codes

Here are some of the most used SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Transaction Codes per sub module. This post will be continuously updated.

Here are some of the most used SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Transaction Codes per sub module. This post will be continuously updated.

Note: Usual Transaction Codes ending in “1” means Create, “2” means Modify, “3” means View. A separate post will be created for S_ALR* Reports, R Reports, and other O Transaction Codes.

TagSub Module
FI-GLGeneral Ledger
FI-APAccounts Payable
FI-ARAccounts Receivable
FI-AAAsset Accounting
FI-BLBank Accounting

General Ledger (FI-GL)  

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFB01Create Accounting Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBN1Accounting Document Number Range
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFSS0Manage GL Master Records (Company Code)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFS00Manage GL Master Records (Centrally)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFSP0Manage GL Master Records (Chart of Accounts)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFS01Create GL Account
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFSP0Edit GL Account Chart of Accounts Data
FI-GLGeneral LedgerF-02Enter GL Account Posting
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFB50Enter GL Account Posting (Enjoy Transaction)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBR2Post Document with Reference
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFB00Accounting Editing Options
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBU3Display Intercompany Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBV3Display Parked Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBS1Enter Accrual / Deferral Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerF.81Reverse Accrual / Deferral Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBL3NGL Account Line Item Display Screen
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFAGLL03New GL Account Line Item Display Screen
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFS10NGL Account Balance
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFAGLB03GL Account Balance Display (Ledger)
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFAGLF101Balance Sheet Supplement-OI-Analysis
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFS04Central GL Account Changes
FI-GLGeneral LedgerOB52Open / Close Posting Period
FI-GLGeneral LedgerOB58Financial Statement Version
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFB08Reverse Accounting Document
FI-GLGeneral LedgerFBRAReverse Accounting Document Item Clearing
FI-GLGeneral LedgerF.01View Financial Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss
FI-GLGeneral LedgerF.16Balance Carry Forward

Accounts Payable (FI-AP)

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-APAccounts PayableBPMaintain Business Partner
FI-APAccounts PayableXK03Display Vendor (Centrally)
FI-APAccounts PayableFK03Display Vendor
FI-APAccounts PayableFBL5NCustomer Line Items
FI-APAccounts PayableF-21AR Transfer Without Clearing
FI-APAccounts PayableF150Create Dunning Notices
FI-APAccounts PayableF-22Create Customer Invoice
FI-APAccounts PayableF-28Post Incoming Payment
FI-APAccounts PayableFB70Post Customer Invoice (Enjoy Transaction)
FI-APAccounts PayableFBMPMaintain Dunning Procedure

Accounts Receivable (FI-AR)

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableBPMaintain Business Partner
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableXD03Display Vendor (Centrally)
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableFD03Display Vendor
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableF.18Vendor Balance Confirmation
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableFB60Enter Vendor Invoice
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableFBL1NVendor Line Items
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableF-53Post Outgoing Payment

Asset Accounting (FI-AA)

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-AAAsset AccountingAW01NAsset Explorer
FI-AAAsset AccountingAS01Create Asset
FI-AAAsset AccountingAS08Range Maintenance Asset Number
FI-AAAsset AccountingA090Assignment of GL Accounts for Asset Accounting
FI-AAAsset AccountingAS11Create Subnumber
FI-AAAsset AccountingAR31Edit Worklist
FI-AAAsset AccountingABZOLAcquisition w automatic offsetting entry
FI-AAAsset AccountingABAVNAsset Retirement by Scrapping
FI-AAAsset AccountingAIABSettlement AuC
FI-AAAsset AccountingABAALUnplanned Depreciation
FI-AAAsset AccountingAFAMADetail list of calculation methods assigned to dep key
FI-AAAsset AccountingABUMNTransfer of Asset
FI-AAAsset AccountingABT1NIntercompany Asset Transger
FI-AAAsset AccountingAFABManage Depreciation Run / Post Depreciation
FI-AAAsset AccountingAJABAsset Fiscal Year Change
FI-AAAsset AccountingABIFManually post the claiming of investment support measures for each individual asset
FI-AAAsset AccountingAR01Asset Balances
FI-AAAsset AccountingAS91Enter asset data manually legacy data transfer
FI-AAAsset AccountingABLDTTakeover values posting transaction
FI-AAAsset AccountingF-92Asset Retirement from Sale w/ Customer
FI-AAAsset AccountingF-90Acquisition without purchase order

Bank Accounting (FI-BL)

TagSub ModuleTCodeAction
FI-BLBank AccountingFBZPCustomizing: Maintain Payment Program
FI-BLBank AccountingF110Automatic Payment Program / Transaction
FI-BLBank AccountingF111Automatic Payment Program / Transaction for Payment Requests
FI-BLBank AccountingFI03Display Bank
FI-BLBank AccountingFCHICreate Check Lot
FI-BLBank AccountingFCH5Create Check Information / Manual Check Info
FI-BLBank AccountingFCHNCheck Register
FI-BLBank AccountingFCH3Void Checks Not Used
FI-BLBank AccountingFCH8Cancel Check Payment
FI-BLBank AccountingFF68Manual Check Deposit
FI-BLBank AccountingFF.5Import Electronic Bank Statement
FI-BLBank AccountingFEBANEdit Bank Statemement / Post Processing EBS
FI-BLBank AccountingFI12Create House Bank
FI-BLBank AccountingFBCJPost Cash Journal

I hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂

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