SAP CHEAT SHEET: SAP Controlling (CO) Transaction Codes

Here are some of the most used SAP Controlling (CO) Transaction Codes per sub module. This post will be continuously updated.

Note: Usual Transaction Codes ending in “1” means Create, “2” means Modify, “3” means View. A separate post will be created for S_ALR* Reports, R Reports, and other O Transaction Codes.

CO-OEM-CLCost Element Accounting
CO-CCACost Center Accounting
CO-OEM-OPAInternal Orders
EC-PCAProfit Center Accounting
CO-PAProfitability Analysis
CO-PCProduct Cost Controlling
CO-ABCActivity Based Costing
CO-OMOverhead Cost Controlling

Cost Element Accounting (CO-OEM-CL)

TagSub ModuleTcodeAction
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKA01Create Primary Cost Elements
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKA06Create Secondary Cost Elements
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKA02Change cost element master data
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKA03Display cost element master data
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKA04Delete cost element master data
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKA05Display changes in cost element master data
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKAH1Create cost element group
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKAH2Change cost element group
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKAH3Display cost element group
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKAL7Overview of cost flows
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKALRReconciliation ledger: CO line items
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKA23Cost elements: Master data report
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKALBDeactivate Reconciliation Ledger
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKALAActivate Reconciliation Ledger
CO-OEM-CLCost Element AccountingKAL2Create Archive for Recon. Ledger

Cost Center Accounting (CO-CCA)

TagSub ModuleTcodeAction
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKS01Create cost center master data
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKS02Change cost center master record
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKS03Display Cost center master data
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKS04Delete cost center master
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKSH1Create cost center group
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKSH2Change cost center group
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKSH3Display cost center group
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKL01Create Activity Type
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKL02Change Activity type
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKL03Display Activity Type
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKL04Delete activity type
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKLH1Create Activity group
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKLH2Change activity group
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKLH3Display activity group
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKK01Create statistical key figure
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKK03Display statistical key figure
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKK02Display statistical key figure
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKBH1Create statistical key figure group
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKBH3Display statistical key figure group
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKB11NManual Reposting of costs
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKB61Reposting of Line items
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKB21NEnter activity allocation
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKB24NReverse activity allocation
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKB15NEnter manual cost allocation
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKB31NEnter statistical key figures
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKSW5Periodic Reporting
CO-CCACost Center AccountingKS13Cost center master data

Internal Orders (CO-OEM-OPA)

TagSub ModuleTcodeAction
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKO01Create internal order (IO)
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKOH1Create Internal order group
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKB11NEnter manual reposting costs
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKB61Enter reposting line items
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKO88Internal order individual settlements
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKO8GInternal order collective settlements
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKOB1Order actual line items
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKSB5CO documents actual costs
CO-OEM-OPAInternal OrdersKO2BDisplay budget documents

Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA)

TagSub ModuleTcodeAction
EC-PCAProfit Center AccountingKE51Create profit center
EC-PCAProfit Center AccountingKCH1Create standard hierarchy
EC-PCAProfit Center AccountingKCH1Create profit center group
EC-PCAProfit Center Accounting9KE0Enter actual posting
EC-PCAProfit Center Accounting2KESBalance carry forward
EC-PCAProfit Center AccountingKE5ZProfit center Actual line items

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

TagSub ModuleTcodeAction
CO-PAProfitability AnalysisKES3Define characteristics Hierarchy
CO-PAProfitability AnalysisKED3Maintain derivation values
CO-PAProfitability AnalysisKENDMaintain Realignments
CO-PAProfitability AnalysisKEDUSummarization level data refresh
CO-PAProfitability AnalysisKE4ICOPA Assignment of SD Conditions to Value Field
CO-PAProfitability AnalysisKE24Display Actual Line Items
CO-PAProfitability AnalysisKE30Run Profitability Report

Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC)

TagSub ModuleTcodeAction
CO-PCProduct Cost ControllingCKAPP01Display materials to be costed
CO-PCProduct Cost ControllingCKMASTELEdit costing run
CO-PCProduct Cost ControllingCK11NCreate cost estimate with quantity structure
CO-PCProduct Cost ControllingCK24Price update
CO-PCProduct Cost ControllingCKW1Create product cost estimate
CO-PCProduct Cost ControllingKKE1Create base planning object
CO-PCProduct Cost ControllingCKCMEdit costing model

Activity Based Costing (CO-ABC)

TagSub ModuleTcodeAction
CO-ABCActivity Based Costing0KWNDisplay Process Customizing
CO-ABCActivity Based Costing0KWLChange Process Category
CO-ABCActivity Based Costing0KW9Import Business Process Reports
CO-ABCActivity Based Costing0KW7Master Data Report Cost Objects

Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM)

TagSub ModuleTcodeAction
CO-OMOverhead Cost ControllingCO99Set Status Closed
CO-OMOverhead Cost ControllingCO88Actual Settlement: Production/Process Orders
CO-OMOverhead Cost ControllingCJCFCarry Forward Project Commitments
CO-OMOverhead Cost ControllingCJ9GPlan Settlement: Projects
CO-OMOverhead Cost ControllingCJ8GActual Settlement: Projects/Networks
CO-OMOverhead Cost ControllingCJ88Settle Projects and Networks

I hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂

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