SAP Cheat Sheet: SAP Central Finance (CFIN / FI-CF) General Transaction Codes

Here are some of the most used SAP Central Finance (CFIN / FI-CF) Transaction Codes. This post will be continuously updated as necessary.

Acronym Guide:

CFIN / FI-CFCentral Finance
LTLandscape Transformation
BAPIBusiness Application Programming Interface
IDocIntermediate Document
ALEApplication Link Enabling
MWBMigration Workbench
SLOSystem Landscape Optimization
SLTSAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server
RFCRemote Function Call
AVLAccounting View of Logistics

Tcode / Program / TableAction / Description
SFW5Activate Business Function
NWBCNetweaver Business Client
BPBusiness Partner Maintenance
MDCIMGCustomize Process for Consolidation
LTRCSAP LT Replication Server Cockpit
BAPIBusiness Application Programming Interface (BAPI) Explorer
SALEIDoc Interface / Application Link Enabling (ALE) Configuration
SEGWSAP Gateway Service Builder
BD64Display Distribution Model
WE20Partner Profiles
CFINIMGCentral Finance Customizing (IMG)
/nFINS_CFIN_CCCentral Finance: Configuration Consistency Check Report
SM13Update Requests / Terminations
SM59Configuration of RFC Connections
BD54Create Logical System
SE38 > DMC_ANWDG_MWB_ACCESSMWB (Migration Workbench): Control Access for Applications – Unlock SLO for SLT
SE38 > IUUC_REPL_PREDEF_OBJECTSCreate Predefined Replication Objects – Start Initial Load
SE16 > DMC_ACSPL_SELECTFilter for LTR configuration
SM30 > VCFIN_SOURCE_SET > MaintainMaintain configuration setting in source system
/n/AIF/CUSTApplication Interface Framework (AIF) Customization
/n/AIF/IFMONAIF Interface Monitoring (Quick Overview / Insight / Statistics / How many messages arrived?)
/n/AIF/ERRAIF Monitoring and Error Handling (With search by important fields capability / search by fields)
/n/AIF/CONTENT_EXTRACTAIF Content Transport – Deploy
FINS_CFIN_MAP_MANAGECentral Finance: Manage Mappings (Mass upload of mappings using .csv)
SE38 > FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_DOC_COUNTComparison of FI Doc Header / Comparison and Reconciliation Reports
SE38 > FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_BAL_COMPAREComparison of FI Balances
SE38 > FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_DOC_COMPAREComparison of FI Item Balances
SE38 > FINS_CFIN_DFV_CO_DOC_COMPAREComparison of CO Document Line Items
SA38 > FINS_DELETE_DOCUMENTSDelete Single FI Documents
SA38 > RFINS_CFIN_DOCUMENTS_DELETEDelete all FI Documents for a source company code
CFIN_CO_INIT_PREPPreparation of Initial Load of CO Secondary Postings: Summary
CFIN_CO_DOC_DELDelete Single CO Documents
CFIN_CO_INIT_DELDelete all CO Documents for a source controlling area or a source company code
SA38 > FINS_CFIN_AV_DOC_DELETEDelete Accounting View of Logistics (AVL) Data
SA38 > RFINS_CFIN_MATCH_FI_TO_COMatching Report of Expected Postings in CO and Actual Postings

I hope this helps. Good luck! 😊

4 thoughts on “SAP Cheat Sheet: SAP Central Finance (CFIN / FI-CF) General Transaction Codes

  1. Really awesome !!

    Could you please show us one end to end implementation of central finance

    That really helps!!

    Deepak Pasupuleti.


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