How To Change Company Code Name in SAP | Checklist, Impact, Testing

How to change company code name or address in SAP Changing a company code name or any related details can be quite challenging. This happens (for example) when a certain business is acquired or if certain legal decisions arise that require a change in company name. In these cases, an existing company code may already [...]

What is SAP? Definition, Overview, and Modules of SAP ERP

What is SAP? SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in data processing. It was founded in 1972 by five entrepreneurs (Dietmar Hopp, Hasso Plattner, Hans-Werner Hector, Klaus Tschira, and Claus Wellenreuther) in Germany. SAP is a software that helps businesses thrive, innovate, and run efficient work processes daily. Today, it is managed by SAP [...]

How To Fully Test XML Docs in SAP – SPROXY SXMB_MONI

FYI That is not an XML file on the laptop screen. It's hard to find an aesthetic XML picture. Cheers. XML Documents in SAP are usually involved during integration or interfacing functionalities. One good example is when a third-party software is involved and sends data (in the form of .xml file) to SAP for processing. [...]

10 BIG Tips for SAP FICO Consultants – Career Journey (First Few Months)

SAP FICO Consultant Career Journey - Tips for the first few months It is only natural to feel nervous as you transition yourself into a new role. When I started my career as a Functional Consultant, I remember associating it to the word “unknown”. That was my first job (by this statement you could tell [...]

SAP Data Medium Exchange (DME) – How to Modify DME Tree | How to Generate DME File

This post will provide a step by step scenario of making a minor change in the SAP DME Tree and the testing that follows thereafter. In this scenario, I will update and existing DME Tree. Only 1 attribute will be changed to reflect a Mapping Procedure of Structure instead of Exit Module. If you want [...]

Women In Tech: Why Bother? #IWD2020

If that statement triggered you, that is precisely the point as to why you SHOULD bother. Taking a trip down memory lane... I was a freshman in college taking up my very first major programming class. Lo and behold I failed. I mean believe me when I say "I. TRIED. SO. HARD." 😂 You could [...]

Learn SQL in 10 Mins: Basic SQL For Non-Developers | SAP HANA SQL

This post is dedicated for those who are not SQL Developers. This is a post for people who (by some reason) need to understand how SQL works and how it flows - quickly. For example, you are a Business Analyst who needs to do a quick run-through analysis of the database or you are someone [...]

What is DME in SAP? | End to End Process and Testing | SAP Financial Accounting

DME stands for Data Medium Exchange and you can associate it with SAP Payments. For this post I will use Belgium related scenarios to help you visualize. This post assumes that you have already created the DME tree and it is ready for testing. If you need guidance for the creation of the actual DME [...]


It all looked like Alphabet soup when I encountered these acronyms for the first time. I even mistook one for another. Admittedly this happened with IDOC vs ALE vs EDI. By the end of this post, I do hope that I would have been able to help you sort these terms out. It can get [...]

SAP Career Journey – SAP Consultant | How To Start and What To Consider

Getting Started The journey to being a SAP Consultant is not a one way street. In fact, it usually differs for most of us. In this post, I will be as straightforward and realistic as possible. I will start off by mentioning some key points you may want to know: Expect to Send Multiple Job [...]

SAP S/4 HANA Finance | Summary of Controlling Changes | Management Accounting

In the previous post, we focused on the essential changes in SAP S/4HANA Finance. This time around we will be focusing on the Management Accounting area or Controlling from a functional and technical perspective. This post will cover the overall changes related to Controlling that should be expected or considered during a system conversion from [...]

SAP S/4 HANA Finance | Summary of Financial Accounting Changes

In the previous post, we focused on the key features in SAP S/4HANA Finance. This time around we will be focusing on the essential changes in the financial accounting area from a functional and technical perspective. This post will cover the overall changes related to financial accounting that should be expected or considered during a [...]